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Since starting karate at the height of lockdown 2020 Cj has been a regular attendee at Ashington SKC. A very shy nervous child with awful anxiety he was terrified when he started but He was keen to learn. He has gone from strength to strength and has progressed fairly easily through his belts and grading. Karate has become part of his routine and he hates to miss it. It has really brought him out of his shell, his confidence since joining has come on in leaps and bounds and his fitness to. He no longer worries constantly about being bullied and is always telling his friends and teacher at school about his karate lessons.
From day one the instructors at Ashington SKC have been attentive and friendly. Really supportive and worked hard to bring him out of his shell. Going above and beyond to accommodate his particular needs they have been a massive influence in his life. Even once he was diagnosed with Autism in 2021 nothing has been too much trouble and they have met each hurdle with CJ and really pushed and supported him. Whether it was accommodating his needs in class, being extra careful to make sure to communicate any changes or difference to me so I can prepare him or just generally staying in touch to keep me up to date with his progress.  He has an incredible bond with the club instructors and I would recommend them to anyone.


I have been a member of the club for almost 5 years now, along with my two sons. We have trained together under the expert tutelage of two of the highest female black belt instructors in the country.
Karate has given us self-discipline, motivation, fitness, confidence and a sense of mental wellbeing. The club has worked hard to deliver training throughout covid, supporting students and to ensure we could all keep training.
It is a welcoming atmosphere, fun and hard work. Karate is learned at your own pace and can be a way of life as well. The hardest part is the first step into the dojo- once you have done that then you will want to keep coming back.


My advice would be don’t think about it and come down to our club! I originally started karate
decades ago when I was young, however with work commitments I drifted way. When we had
children, I thought it would be excellent to start again with the children. Due to ages Ethan came
first then Felicity, this left my partner Kelly cheering on the side-lines. However after a couple of
sessions of seeing how friendly and family orientated the club is Kelly (who is in her 40’s) joined
karate for the first time with absolute no regrets.
I can only say it has brought us together as a family whilst helping with instilling excellent values as
teamwork, manne
rs and respect, all in a friendly, family fun environment. Like I said, don’t think
about it and come down to our club today, speak to Jill and Trish our warm and vastly experienced
instructors you’ll not regret it!

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