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About Us


Sensei Jill Kelly began teaching at Ashington Karate Club over 35 years ago. At the time, she had not been a black belt very long, but had experienced good teaching and instruction from her instructors, and the club was keen to open another dojo in the town centre.

Sensei Jill established the YMCA dojo in 1988, and currently teaches at the club alongside Sensei Trish Bruce. The club trained at Ashington YMCA for 27 years from 1988-2015, and has been based at the new Ashington Leisure Centre since it opened in 2016.


Here at Ashington SKC we practice Shotokan Karate, the most widely practiced style of Karate in the world. Karate focuses on continous improvement and helps students strive for self-discipline, helping to improve concentration, fitness, confidence, and memory whilst teaching you self-defence techniques.

We have beginners of all ages, from children 5 and up to adults. It's never too late to start learning Karate! And being a part of the Karate Union of Great Britain means we have access to National courses, Grading Examiners, and competitions around the country.

Our classes run weekly, so contact us to start today!

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