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Sensei Trish Bruce, 6th Dan

Sensei Trish Bruce is currently a 6th Dan KUGB black belt. She began her karate training at Ashington SKC in 1992 with instructors Sensei Ian Willis (6th Dan), Sensei Keith Burns (6th Dan) and Sensei Jill Kelly (6th Dan).


After watching her children training, Trish was encouraged to join by Sensei Jill Kelly who has given her continuous support throughout and remains a strong positive influence in her training. Trish has trained and continues to train with many inspirational instructors, her most memorable was training and grading with the late Sensei Enoeda.


Sensei Trish passing her Shodan in 1994 under Sensei Enoeda


Sensei Trish receiving her 30 Years Long Standing Members Certificate at the KUGB National Championships in 2022

Karate for Sensei Trish is a continuous challenge with many rewards and one of her main personal highlights was when she passed her 6th Dan in 2018. She feels it is a privilege to be a 6th  Dan in the KUGB.

Her proudest moments include the day her daughter Tracy won Kata in the National Championships, and also when her son John James won the Under 21 Kumite World Championship in 2003; John James has continued this success with many Regional, National, and International titles in Kata and Kumite.

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Sensei Trish passing her Rokudan in 2018 with Sensei Jill Kelly


Sensei Trish teaching the orange belts how to kick

For Sensei Trish practicing and teaching karate is a passion and her ultimate aim as an instructor is to bring out the best in every student, regardless of their ability.


Trish believes in continuously improving all aspects of her personal training to further develop her role as a Sensei; helping her to achieve a higher standard of instruction. As an instructor, she is very passionate about supporting all students to believe in their individual abilities and helping them to develop their skills and encouraging them to realise their full potential, by creating a positive environment in which to train.

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