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Sensei Krysia Pollard 2nd Dan

Krysia began training at age 13 in 1994 with Sensei Jill, Sensei Trish and Sensei Ian after seeing an advert for Karate at her school. A few years later, after reaching 2nd Kyu, she relocated to Yorkshire and joined another organisation as there were no KUGB clubs near her new home. However, after gaining her 1st Kyu, she wasn’t really enjoying training in her new club, and she gave up Karate.


Krysia doing pad work with the junior grades


Fast forward several years to 2013 when her 11 year old daughter Evie asked if she could try Karate. After some research, Krysia realised that the nearest club had both Sensei Jill and Sensei Trish still teaching! The original plan was for her daughter to train and for Krysia to watch, but Sensei Jill had other ideas and, after a persuasive phone call, Krysia found herself in the loft digging out her old gi and reluctantly promising to turn up the next day!

Krysia and her family with Sensei Gary Harford

At this time, there were no other adults in the club, but this didn’t bother Krysia, and she soon found herself enjoying training again, even though she towered above most of the kids! Her son Joel also joined, and they regularly trained and attended courses, with the aim of achieving their Shodan Black Belts. Krysia gained her Shodan in March 2017 under Sensei Andy Sherry, with Evie achieving hers later that year, and Joel following in 2019. Sensei Trish even managed to convince Krysia’s husband Paul to start training, so it’s a real family occasion in the dojo now!


In 2015, Krysia found herself thrown into the deep end, having to take the full class after an emergency saw the club Instructors unable to teach. After delegating the warm ups so she could rustle up a lesson plan, and 90 minutes of organised chaos, it got her thinking that she might actually have what it takes to give the Instructors Qualification a go.



Krysia receiving her Instructors Qualification from Sensei Jill and Sensei Trish

Krysia went on to attain her Assistant Instructors later that year, followed by her Instructors in 2017. She often helps the senior Instructors in class, as well as taking classes in their absence.

Krysia receiving her Nidan from Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan, and Sensei Jimmy Brennan 8th Dan


Krysia and her family

Krysia regularly attends courses, and loves traveling up and down the country with her children who compete. Her focus is not on competing herself, but to enjoy watching her children, and to improve her own practice.


These days, the club is full of families who train together, which makes her happy as she has other adults to spar with as all the kids now tower over her! She believes every child should have the opportunity to learn a martial art, not only for self defence reasons, but to build confidence, learn discipline and most importantly, to make friends.

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