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Evie after passing her orange belt

Evie had several more competition successes as a brown belt, the most notable was winning gold in girls brown belt kata at the 2017 KUGB National Youth Championships.

The KUGB Young Leaders award was fairly new in 2017, and Evie was presented with her bronze award this year.

Evie also passed shodan in November 2017.

Evie began training in 2013 when she was 11. She took to it straight away and looked forward to training twice a week with Sensei Jill & Trish. 

Evie soon started becoming more serious with her karate, and started entering competitions. She won the novice-4th kyu Kata in 2015 at the KUGB Northern Regions. This really encouraged her to enter more competitions and aim for her black belt.


Evie with her brother Joel after winning gold in kata at the KUGB Northern Regions 2015

Sensei Evie Ackroyd 3rd Dan


2018 saw Evie achieve her silver KUGB Young Leaders Award. Around this time, the club had space for another member to join its team kata, so Evie stepped up and joined team mates Dylan & Gemma, where over the next few years they enjoyed several successes both regionally and nationally.

Evie after passing shodan with Sensei Jill & Trish in 2017

Evie achieved Nidan in 2019.

Covid-19 hit and the world came to a halt, but Evie carried on training over Zoom.

Evie also completed the KUGB Young Leaders Award - the first in the club to achieve gold. Since then, she has also been awarded her assistant instructors certificate, as well as full instructors. 


Evie with team mates Dylan & Gemma at the KUGB Northern Regions 2021


Evie being awarded Sandan by Sensei Frank Brennan, Sensei Billy Higgins & Sensei Garry Harford in 2023


Evie at a recent competition 

Since achieving Nidan, Evie worked hard to put in the preparation required for Sandan. Her hard work paid off in April 2023 when she passed first time. She continues to train every week with her family.

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