Ashington Shotokan Karate Club Instructor Profiles

Both the Thursday and Saturday classes at Ashington Karate Club are taught by Sensei Jill Kelly, 6th Dan and Sensei Trish Bruce, 5th Dan. Sensei Ian Willis, 6th Dan is the senior instructor of Northumberland Karate Academy. Our classes are also supported by several senior students who are qualified as instructors, assistant instructors or young leaders. Sensei Jill is an approved Assessor of Instructors, which is a qualification only available to 4th Dan and above grades. She is proud that so many of our members are pleased to do the training necessary to gain these qualifications, which means that they can put something back into the club by assisting and taking sessions.

Senior Instructors

Qualified Instructors

These students all have their full Instructor Qualification and are available to cover classes when Sensei Jill or Sensei Trish are away.

Assistant Instructors

These students are qualified as Assistant Instructors, meaning they can teach in a class and take their own groups when a qualified instructor is also present.

  • Louis Parsons, 2nd Dan

Young Leaders

These students are working towards a qualification for those aged between 12 and 17 which follows a tiered system (Bronze, Sliver, Gold) based on how many hours they have assisted in the class.

  • Evie Ackroyd, 2nd Dan - Gold
  • Joel Pollard - Bronze
  • Nicky Chisholm - Bronze
  • Jessica Peel - Trainee

We have put together in-depth profiles for the senior club instructors (Senseis).

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