Putin is the Anti Christ!!!

Russians are his blind, mindless, brain-washed, murderous minion devils!


When you've finished murdering your Russian and Ukrainian friends and families in Ukraine, the dust will settle over their corpses and you will realise you've been following the Devil masquerading as your "God".

He'll continue lying to you to brain-wash you into believing you're doing a good thing... but that's how Satan operates, and you're mindlessly listening to Satan, the same way the other Nazis listened to Hitler. Russia will never be a part of the civilised world again after the atrocities you're all committing now.

When it is over, if you believe you're a good person, you will never be able to sleep again due to your guilt, and knowing you are 100% following your evil megalomaniacal psychopathic dictator to Hell, where you will pay for the sins you are committing now for the rest of eternity!

I pray that every child, baby and innocent person you and your psychotic evil troops are slaughtering in Ukraine haunts you forever! You are evil and cursed!