Ashington Karate Club Member Profile

Krysia Pollard, 1st Dan

How old are you?


How old were you when you started Karate?

13 - trained until I reached 1st Kyu then returned after a 12 year break.

What is your current grade?

1st Dan Black Belt

How long have you trained at Ashington Karate Club?


How many hours per week do you train both in and out of the dojo?

Three times per week.

What is your order of preference Kihon/Kata/Kumite?


What is your favourite Kata?


What is your favourite kumite technique?

Ashi Barai

Who is your favourite competitor past or present?

John James Bruce - I also love watching his demonstrations.

What is your best karate moment?

Achieving my Shodan and watching my kids compete (and win!)

Do you have a goal in karate?

To never be shouted at by Sensei Brennan ever again!!!

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