Ashington Karate Club Member Profile

Gemma Gibson, 3rd Dan

Gemma Gibson has been training since 2008. She is a qualified KUGB Instructor and helps teach the junior class on Thursdays with Sensei Jill and Sensei Trish. She has been a member of the KUGB England Squad since 2014 and was selected to represent KUGB England at the ESKA European Championships in Zurich in 2014 and the EKC Championships in Sheffield in 2015.

How old are you?


How old were you when you started Karate?


What is your current grade?

2nd Dan Black Belt

How long have you trained at Ashington Karate Club?

9 years

What inspired you to start karate?

My brother Dylan already trained

How many hours per week do you train both in and out of the dojo?

4-9 hours

What is your order of preference Kihon/Kata/Kumite?

Kumite, Kata, Kihon

What is your favourite Kata?


What is your favourite kumite technique?


Who is your favourite competitor past or present?

Frank Brennan

What are your best competition results?

1st - Girls Kumite - KUGB Shotokan Cup 2014
1st - Girls Kumite - KUGB Liverpool Youth Championships 2014
2nd - Junior Female Kumite - KUGB Grand Slam - July 2017
2nd - Girls Kumite - KUGB National Championships 2014
2nd - Girls Kumite - KUGB Shotokan Cup 2013
2nd Girls Kumite - Sunderland Championships 2013
3rd - Ladies Team Kumite - KUGB National Championships 2016
4th - Ladies Kata - KUGB National Youth Championships 2016

What is your best karate moment?

Representing KUGB England in the ESKA European Championships - Zurich, Switzerland 2014

Do you have a goal in karate?

Keep training and teaching at a high standard.

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