Ashington Karate Club Member Profile

Dylan Gibson, 3rd Dan

Dylan Gibson has been training at Ashington Karate Club since 2004. He is a qualified KUGB Instructor and assists Sensei Jill with the junior class on Thursday nights. Dylan administrates the Ashington Karate Club website and manages the Facebook page together with his sister Gemma, he also makes the monthly newsletter for the club and other promotional materials.

How old are you?


How old were you when you started Karate?


What is your current grade?

3rd Dan Black Belt

How long have you trained at Ashington Karate Club?

17 Years

What inspired you to start karate?

Sensei Ian was doing taster sessions at my first school so I gave it a try.

How many hours per week do you train both in and out of the dojo?


What is your order of preference Kihon/Kata/Kumite?

Kata, Kumite, Kihon

What is your favourite Kata?

Gojushiho Sho

What is your favourite kumite technique?

Gyaku Tsuki

Who is your favourite competitor past or present?

Sensei Frank Brennan, he won kata at the nationals 14 years in a row!

What are your best competition results?

1st - Children's Team Kata, KUGB National Championships 2011
1st - Children's Team Kata, KUGB National Youth Championships 2011
1st in both Individual and Team Kata at the Gateshead Youth Championships for three years running (2015-2017)
2nd in Junior Male Kata at the KUGB National Youth Championships in both 2016 and 2017

What is your best karate moment?

Being selected for the England Kata Squad for my first year in 2012, and still currently remaining on the squad.

Do you have a goal in karate?

To continue to develop my training, teaching and competing at a high standard.

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