Ashington Karate Club Member Profile

Alex Ralph, 2nd Dan

Alex Ralph is a qualified KUGB Instructor. He often covers classes when Sensei Jill, Sensei Trish and other senior grades are away to KUGB events.

How old are you?


How old were you when you started Karate?

I had just turned 10

What is your current grade?

2nd Dan Black Belt

How long have you trained at Ashington Karate Club?

10 years

What is your order of preference Kihon/Kata/Kumite?

Kata, Kumite, Kihon

What is your favourite Kata?


What is your favourite kumite technique?

Gyaku Tsuki Chudan followed by Gyaku Tsuki Jodan

What are your best competition results?

Winning the Team Kata event at both the National and National Youth Championships in 2011. Plus, other National and Regional success.

What is your best karate moment?

The feeling of being National Champions in Team Kata in 2011 and being able to share this with my teammates (Kyle Duddridge and Dylan Gibson).

Do you have a goal in karate?

To continue training, teaching and assisting Sensei Jill and Sensei Trish at the club as often as I can, around my job working away and hopefully achieve my 3 rd Dan in the coming years.

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