Ashington Karate Club Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette

Standards of behaviour expected form our students.

In the dojo

  • Students should always bow on entering or leaving the dojo (training area).
  • If you are late and the class has started, you should kneel at the edge of the floor where Sensei can see you and wait until you are invited onto the floor. You must bow to your Sensei when acknowledged and then join in.
  • It is polite to walk around the edge of the floor rather than across the centre and impolite to walk in front of fellow students when they are lined up (walk quietly behind the line to where your grade is situated).
  • Instructors must always be referred to as Sensei and not by name.
  • When your Sensei is giving instructions you must be respectful and listen carefully, giving your full attention at times.
  • Students must seek permission from the Sensei before leaving the floor for any reason. If you need to go to the toilet please put your hand up! (Please use the bathroom before the lesson to try to avoid disruption).
  • Please be respectful to everyone, and all equipment and facilities at the dojo.


  • Your Gi must be clean, in a good condition and fit correctly.
  • You must wear the appropriate belt for your grade.
  • Feet and hands must be clean, and nails kept clean and short to avoid injury. All students irrespective of grade are expected to pay special attention to personal hygiene.
  • Any wounds or verrucas must be covered.
  • Jewellery or watches must not be worn and any jewellery items that are not possible to remove should be safely covered.

Outside the dojo

  • Students of karate have a responsibility to behave in a manner which maintains and enhances the reputation of our dojo and the art of karate.
  • Our younger members must know that techniques learnt in class must never be used in the playground or outside playing.
  • Our older students and senior grades should ensure that the set a good example for the junior grades to follow.