Ashington Karate Club Supporters Group - Committee

COVID-19 UPDATE: All fundraising is temporarily suspended due to coronavirus.


The Ashington Shotokan Karate Club Supporters Group was founded in 2007 by Jan Wright to help raise funds to support and assist Ashington Karate Club. The committee often organise fundraising events to support the club, giving its members paid competition entries, fuel costs for KUGB events, allowances for our KUGB England Squad members, portfolios for trainee young leaders and instructors, subsidised gis, and also many events such as parties or fun days (bowling, ice skating, etc.).

The committee support and fund all students orange belt and above with at least 70% attendance. Full details of our funding policy can be found on the 'Attendance Policy' page. The committee very much appreciate the help and support from our members and their families. Fundraising wouldn't be possible without your continued support. We especially expect to receive support from those who gain the most from the funds raised to show their thanks and appreciation to all who work hard to raise the funds they benefit from. It also sets an example to lower grades and new competitors as to the support they can receive when the committee and students work together to raise funds.


Lynn Gibson - Chairperson, Fundraising Events Organiser
Kay Parsons - Treasurer, Registration Secretary & Bonus Ball
Tammie Lang - Secretary & Social Events Activities Organiser
Claire Brown - Committee Member