Ashington Karate Club Funding Policy

Ashington Karate Club Supporters Group - Funding Policy (Updated November 2018)

Ashington Karate Club Supporters Group are very proud to be continuously raising funds to support the club and its students. In the past, committee funds have been used to give the club members paid competition entries, fuel costs for KUGB events, allowances for our KUGB England Squad members, portfolios for trainee young leaders and instructors, and many events such as parties or fun days (bowling, etc.). How any future funds (when available) are used will be determined at the discretion of the committee, who very much appreciate the help and support from our club members and their families. Fundraising wouldn't be possible without your continued support. To ensure that the funds are fairly allocated to the students who train the most and do the most to help the club, this policy is in place to provide guidance in which students receive funding.

50% of funding is allocated based on attendance.

50% of funding is allocated based on fundraising.

  • EXAMPLE: If a competition entry costs £10, the committee will pay £5 if the student meets the attendance criteria
  • and £5 if they meet the fundraising criteria.
  • Attendance and fundraising will be checked for a ‘funding period’ consisting of the four months leading up to any funding being granted. Squad members will be checked for the year leading up to squad fund allocations, as the funding covers the whole year.
  • Squad funds will be paid directly to students aged 16+, and to the parents/carers if they are under 16.
  • NOTE: If no fundraising events take place within the funding period, 100% of funding will be allocated based on attendance.
  • If you are going to be absent, please contact Dylan on 07552694111 OR Kay on 07449777390 prior to the session.

Attendance Criteria

  • All students must attend at least 70% of sessions (both Thursday and Saturday) to receive funds, regardless of whether they train once or twice a week. This way the students who train more often have a better chance of receiving funding.
  • KUGB England Squad members must reach 80% attendance, as they should set an example to the other students.
  • If students miss out on 70% by a slight margin (5%), extra training (i.e. gradings or courses) may be taken into account.
  • Up to two weeks’ worth of holiday marks can be provided a year for when students are away.
  • Up to two marks can be granted for illness each month.
  • If the illness persists, extra marks can be granted in special cases at the discretion of the Attendance Manager.
  • Injury marks can be provided for the length of the injury provided the injury makes it impossible to train.
  • If you do not let us know why you are absent, we cannot give you a mark!
  • Marks cannot be granted for school trips, work commitments, exams or exam revision.
  • Saturday marks will be granted for competitions, squad training and KUGB courses.
  • Thursday marks will be granted to students attending the KUGB Spring or Summer courses as training is Monday-Friday.

Fundraising Criteria

  • All students must partake in club fundraising activities to be provided with this additional funding.
  • This includes activities such as bag packs/car washes, sponsored events such as Karate on the Beach, or helping with activities such as tombolas.
  • If students attend any fundraising event within the funding period, they will receive 50% of the allocated funding.
  • KUGB England Squad members MUST participate in ALL fundraising activities in order to receive funding.
  • If the student is unable to attend any fundraising event, they may send a representative and be granted a mark. The same exceptions that are made for attendance (sickness, injury, holiday, KUGB course/competition/squad training) are also made for fundraising activities.

If any students do not meet the attendance or fundraising criteria and would still like to enter competitions, etc, they can do so by paying the committee before any entries are paid.  If the committee have paid a student’s competition entries and they do not attend or compete in their categories at the event, all entry costs must be refunded to the committee, whatever the reason for not taking part (with the exception of withdrawal following medic’s orders due to an injury from the competition).

No further amendments to this policy will be made until the next AGM should the need arise.