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The Ashington Shotokan Karate Club Supporters Group was founded in 2007 by Jan Wright to help raise funds to support and assist Ashington Karate Club. The committee often organise fundraising events to support the club, giving its members paid competition entries, fuel costs for KUGB events, allowances for our KUGB England Squad members, portfolios for trainee young leaders and instructors, subsidised gis, and also many events such as parties or fun days (bowling, ice skating, etc.).

The committee support and fund all students orange belt and above with at least 75% attendance. Full details of our attendance policy can be found below. The committee very much appreciate the help and support from our members and their families. Fundraising wouldn't be possible without your continued support. We especially expect to receive support from those who gain the most from the funds raised to show their thanks and appreciation to all who work hard to raise the funds they benefit from. It also sets an example to lower grades and new competitors as to the support they can receive when the committee and students work together to raise funds.


Lynn Gibson - Chairperson, Fundraising Events Organiser & Designated Safeguarding Officer
Kay Parsons - Treasurer, Registration Secretary, Bonus Ball & Twitter Manager
Krysia Pollard - Secretary, Designated First Aid & Instagram Manager
Tammie Lang - Social Events Activities Organiser
Nicola Butler - Safeguarding Officer
Beverley Foster - Health and Safety Risk Assessment Advisor & First Aid
Amy Morton-Chisholm - Committee Member

Attendance Policy

The Ashington Shotokan Supporters Group fund all students orange belt and above with at least 75% attendance. Authorised sickness, medical injury and holidays will be included in attendance. Absences MUST be reported to Dylan Gibson 07552 694111 BEFORE each class. If you do not let us know why you are absent we cannot give you a mark! Easter eggs, Christmas selection boxes and reward trips are for all students regardless of attendance.

  • All students receiving funding must have at least 75% attendance.  Squad members and regular/established competitors must have 85% attendance.
  • A regular competitor is defined as a student who has competed in at least 4 competitions over two or more years.
  • Authorised sickness will allow two classes of reported sickness per month if reported before each class. A sick note or doctors letter must be produced if sickness is for a longer period of time.  The committee will monitor regular absences and if there is a noticeable pattern of absence, marks will be decided at the discretion of the attendance manager.
  • Medical injury/illness will be included when supported by a sick note or a doctors letter. Full attendance will be allocated.
  • We will allow each student up to two weeks of family holiday per year in the attendance policy.
  • School trips, work commitments, exams, exam revision, weekend breaks, etc. will not be included in the attendance.
  • Squad members will receive a mark for squad sessions which fall on Saturdays. All students attending competitions which fall on Saturdays will receive their mark on the register. Students attending KUGB spring and summer karate camp will receive their mark for the Thursday sessions as karate training is Monday to Friday.
  • Students attendance will be checked every four months or for the four months leading up to any allocated funding. Checks will be made before any funding is provided to students. All squad members will now have their attendance checked for the year leading up to squad fund allocations, after selections have taken place and they are reselected, as the funding lasts the whole year. Funds will be paid to students who are over the age of 16, and to parents/carers if under 16 to help towards squad/fuel costs.

If any students do not meet the 75%/85% attendance criteria and would like to receive equipment, enter competitions, etc can do so by paying the committee before any equipment is ordered or entries are paid.  If students have received competition funding from the committee and they then do not attend or compete in their categories at the event, all entry costs must be refunded to the committee, what ever the reason for not taking part.

All squad members and regular/established competitors​ that attend all competitions must take part in all fundraising. Any fundraising within the four monthly slot will be included in the check, as this, together with the 75%/85% attendance will determine the funding they receive. Exclusions include two week holiday, squad attendance and medical illness as stated in attendance policy. 

If a squad member/competitor cannot attend take part in fundraising events and activities except for the above exclusions a parent/carer representative must be sent. 

No further amendments to this policy will be made until the next AGM should the need arise.


Each month we publish a newsletter for our Ashington Shotokan Karate Club students.

The newsletters contain details of upcoming courses, gradings and competitions, as well as recognitions from recent gradings or results from any competitions our students have competed in recently.

They often also include any changes to training times and venues, for example venue closures that we're aware of in advance, and any special student recognitions and awards.

Please feel free to download and read any or all of our current and historic newsletters by clicking on them below.

Each newsletter is a PDF document and you will need a PDF document reader, such as the freely available Adobe Acrobat, to read them.