Ashington SKC News Article

During the club closure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we will be running online classes via Zoom twice a week until the club reopens.
Our new online training timetable:
2:30pm-3:30pm - Heian Katas (All Grades)
4:00pm-5:00pm - Higher Katas (Brown and Black Belts)
5:30pm-6:30pm - Junior Grades Class
7:00pm-8:00pm - Senior Grades Class
£3 each for either Monday or Thursday
£5 for both Monday and Thursday (please pay this before the Monday class to get the deal)
Usual family deal applies to both of these options.
Please get in touch and we will supply you with the payment details. We will send you the code for the classes once we have received payment.
The first class on Monday will focus on approximately two Katas from Kihon Kata up to Tekki Shodan each week. This is open to all grades, so any brown and black belts who want to work on their Heian Katas are welcome to attend. The second class will focus on higher grade katas. Some weeks the brown belts will focus on Bassai Dai while the Black Belts do an Advanced Kata; other weeks brown and black belts can do the same Kata. If anyone has any requests for a Kata they would like to work on, please let us know!
The Thursday night class will be a general class focussing on all aspects of karate. Please attend the class you usually would at the club on a Thursday night, unless you have been told otherwise. Senior grades are welcome to attend both sessions if they like.
All you need to do to take part is download Zoom and enter the code for the class. If you have any issues trying to set up Zoom, please get in touch. If using a computer, Zoom can be found at If using a mobile device (phone or tablet), the app (ZOOM Cloud Meetings) can be downloaded from your app store. To join the class, log in to Zoom, click “Join” and enter the meeting ID for the class you are attending. Please do this 10 minutes before the class in case you experience any difficulty logging in to the class.
This is a great way to stay active when stuck in the house and to still connect with each other. We would love to see you all there!