Ashington SKC News Article

Congratulations to Louis Parsons who has achieved his KUGB Assistant Instructor Qualification!

This qualification is available to members age 18 and over, minimum grade 3rd Kyu and is awarded at club level by the senior club instructor after a minimum period of 3 months of observed assisting. Sensei Jill is an approved Assessor of Instructors, which is a qualification only available to 4th Dan and above grades and prepares juniors and seniors within the club for their Young Leaders, Assistant Instructor and Senior Instructor certificates. She is proud that so many of club members are pleased to do the training necessary to gain these qualifications, which means that they can put something back into the club by assisting and taking sessions.

Louis has completed a range of instructional tasks monitored by Sensei Jill  and she has decided he has met the required standard for the qualification.