Ashington Karate Club Member Profile

Gary Conacher, 2nd Dan

How old are you?


How old were you when you started Karate?


What is your current grade?

2nd Dan Black Belt

How long have you trained at Ashington Karate Club?

3 months

What inspired you to start karate?

United States School of Karate

How many hours per week do you train both in and out of the dojo?

7 hours

What is your order of preference Kihon/Kata/Kumite?

Kumite / Kata / Kihon

What is your favourite Kata?

Kanku Sho

What is your favourite kumite technique?

Mae Geri

Who is your favourite competitor past or present?

Cristophe Pinna or Aiden Trimble

What are your best competition results?

Bronze Medal WUKF World Championships 2016

What is your best karate moment?

Bronze Medal WUKF World Championships 2016

Do you have a goal in karate?

To reach 4th Dan

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